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Full Stack Growth Marketing For Your eCommerce Business

We team up with health & wellness eCom founders that want a clear path to scaling online, expert support, and done-for-you growth marketing.
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Scaling Today Is Easier and Harder Than Ever Before

Digital marketing has changed the game. Faster, cheaper, easier than mail, print and old school methods. Works by pushing a few buttons.

That's the dream at least. The reality is far different -- and 10x harder.

Well-funded competitors can take you out in seconds. Every ad platform is backed by AI designed to make itself (not you) money as priority #1. And most "agencies" are newbies learning on your dime.

It's no surprise then that 86% of brands *never* reach 6-figures/yr, according to recent studies.

How then do our average clients so consistently add $132,000 - $336,000/year to their business?
As eCom founders first and advisors second, we really know what works
11 years eCommerce experience, 9 companies founded and 2 exits
Done-for-you growth marketing takes the weight off you
Expert strategy and guidance, backed by $55M+ in sales

The Full-Stack Breakthrough

At Sark Media, we help you scale through a boutique, all-in-one approach that's generated $55M+ to date. In fact, our data shows average founders see 6-figures of growth with us while some extraordinary founders reach 7+ figures. It's all made possible with our "full-stack" approach that brings the 3 key growth marketing phases all under one roof. So you can focus on running your business, not worrying about sales.
Tested and proven at high-volume since 2011
Trusted by over 8,000 brands, CEOs and digital marketers
Over $55 million in verifiable personal and client sales

Phase 1: Omni-Channel Ads

Anyone can drive eyeballs to a website. Few can drive the right traffic for your business, and persuade them to buy.

Our process is to reverse engineer what's working, layer on our years of experience, and implement our Omni-Channel Advertising process that:

a) Brings in high-quality, top-of-funnel traffic
b) Utilizes direct-response ads to drive sales
c) Retargets cross-platform to find more buyers
Conversion Snapshot
Unique Visitors
3.4% Average Conversion Rate

Phase 2: Optimized Funnels

Most e-commerce brands make $70 or less in Day 1 Average Order Values (AOV), making it hard to scale as traffic costs rise.

We build (or rebuild) your funnel with a high converting design, direct-response copy, and fast, custom code. We also rely on deep consumer psychology to build your:
- OPS (Optimal Pricing Structure)
- ICS (Ideal Cross-Sell Strategy)
- COF (Conversion Optimized Funnel)

With these elements, our average client produces $120-$160+ in day 1 AOV and scales much faster.
36 sales and $5,454 revenue in the last 7 days.
Cassandra D.
Harold C.
Avg order value

Phase 3: Strategy & Consulting

Rapid growth requires a mix of
(a) highly-skilled experts
(b) a smart cost structure
(c) a proven strategy

1. Early-stage businesses only focus on costs and sadly get burned by one "cheap" freelancer after another
2. Bigger brands "get it" and only hire specialists. Very effective, but it's cash, time and resource-intensive.
3. Smart CEOs rely on us. Not only for full-stack marketing, but strategic consulting to reduce product costs, add key automations, hire offshore, boost efficiency, and more.
Done-For-You Copy & Funnels
August 2022
You just saved 87% with Sark Media. You genius, you.
Senior Designer (1-Month Contract)
Sr. Developer (1-Month Contract)
Direct Response Copy (Per Project)
Custom Strategic Plan (Per Project)
Project Manager (2-Month Contract)
Your Time (2 Months)
"Figure It Out Yourself" Cost
Sark Media Cost
As low as $2500/month
"I started out and we were doing $5K per month... now we're doing $75k per month". "If I could go back, I could have saved so much money if I had found this sooner."
Kaushal K
CEO, Eyetamins
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