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This full-stack system could put an extra $336,000 in your bank

At Sark Media, a typical client does so well that they stay over 17 months, and many add up to $336,000 to their business each year, based on our recent data. Extraordinary clients do even better, with some surpassing 7-figures. The secret is our full-stack marketing suite. As 8-figure eCom founders first, our expertise runs the gamut of copy, funnels, ads, tech, and more. As well as being trusted advisors to leading brands that need a fresh approach to scaling. All of which means whether we consult, coach or just do the work for you, results tend to come fast and in grand fashion.


From 250+ Clients
7-Figure Funnels
Omni-Channel Ads
eCom Cohort (CLOSED)

Service Features

Funnel and/or Ads Copywriting
Design and/or Creative
Customized Strategy
Users Allowed
Dedicated Project Management
Service Summary
Done-for-you advertorials, sales pages and ongoing funnel CRO,
Done-for-you ads mgmt/creative (Affiliate, Social or Native + PPC)
7-Figure Funnels + Omni Ads + 1-on-1 Consulting
Additional Features
Per Product
Per Brand
Per Brand
Live Calls and Coaching Time
Kickoff & Wrap Up
Kickoff & Monthly Review
Kickoff,  1on1 Calls, Messaging
Platforms Supported
Shopify, CF, and 5+ others
FB/IG, Google, Taboola & more
Varies by business
Minimum Revenue Suggested
Program Length
8-12 Weeks
3+ Months
Pricing (payment plans available)
From $7500
From $2350/m
From $9800 + fee/rev share
Get Started
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Based on 6 years of data, our average client, including first-time founders, adds $11,000+/mo to their business, while the top 30% see $28,000/mo in avg. new sales

We compiled client-reported revenues since 2016, and the numbers show our average clients (including dozens of 1st-time founders) see over $11,000 monthly revenue growth ($132,000+ annualized). Meanwhile, the top 30% (often repeat founders with some experience) nearly tripled the norm. This group averaged over $28,000/month in new revenue ($336,000 annualized), and many went on to build high 6 and 7-figure businesses. Our top client starting a brand new business with our help generated about $5.5 Million (USD) in 12 months, while another hit about $8.1 Million in a 3-year period. * These are extraordinary results, of course, and took a lot of hard work from both sides.
$5,000 per month
Without Sark Media
$16,000 per month*
Sark Media


Top revenue reached by a founder starting a brand new business following our strategies*


Average revenue growth of top 30% clients after Sark Media*


Average revenue growth of all Sark Media clients*
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